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Drawing on the experience and insights of Visa’s global Managed Risk Analyst team, we've compiled six tips to help you protect your business from fraud while delivering a frictionless experience for genuine customers. Read our holiday shopping season guide to learn more.

For a small business, strategy means thinking holistically about every aspect of your business and how you want it to perform during peak season. Fraud is a part of that, but there are other pieces that inform how your fraud strategy is going to work.

-Katie Craven, Director of Fraud and Risk Technical Sales at Visa

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On average, businesses earn 19% of their annual revenue during the holiday shopping season.1 So when and how should you prepare to take full advantage of this crucial time of year?

Three ways to protect against fraud

Fraudsters are relentless and many of them quite savvy. However, there are actions you can take to protect your business.

Be proactive

Look at your website and see where you might be vulnerable. What customer verification tools do you have in place now? Don’t ignore suspicious activity.

Use a fraud prevention tool has a fraud prevention tool with 13 easily configurable filters to help you set minimum transaction thresholds, payment velocity, country limitations, and more.

Set up a simple firewall

Many firewalls come with basic tools for botnet detection, prevention, and removal.

Dive deeper into holiday shopping season prep

Stay ahead of the fraudsters

Small and mid-size businesses should be proactive with their fraud management to protect against fraudsters who may regard them as easy targets.

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1 National Retail Federation

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