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Questions? Speak to a human.

Think you aren't big enough to be noticed by fraudsters?

Over the next five years, analysts project that small and medium businesses will be hit with more than $130 billion in losses due to payments fraud.Our fraud detection software lets you customize with rules-based filters and tools to suit your business model.


think they are too small to be noticed by fraudsters


think they are less susceptible than large businesses1


say fraud isn’t a big concern

Three ways to protect your business from fraud

Fraudsters are relentless and many of them quite savvy. However, there are actions you can take to protect yourself.

Be proactive

Look at your website and see where you might be vulnerable. What customer verification tools do you have in place now? Don’t ignore suspicious activity.

Use a fraud prevention tool has a built-in fraud tool. Advanced Fraud Detection Suite comes with 13 easily configurable fraud filters to help set proper minimum transaction thresholds, payment velocity settings, country limitations, and more to help prevent processing fraudulent transactions.

Set up a simple firewall

Many firewalls come with basic tools for botnet detection, prevention, and removal.

Simple to configure

Advanced Fraud Detection Suite filters are built directly into the platform.

A setup wizard makes it simple and efficient to configure the fraud filters. Per-transaction notifications provide detail about what is happening in near-real time.

Benefits of the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite

Reduce costs

Minimize and prevent authorization and chargeback fees as well as possible inventory loss resulting from fraudulent transactions.

Protect profits

Maximizing legitimate transactions while limiting potential fraud.

Maximize flexibility

Configure filter settings according to your own unique business needs.

Improve intelligence

Restrict transactions and activity from specific countries and IP addresses.

Filter the bad, keep the good’s configurable fraud filters focus on 4 major categories:

  • Velocity: Set daily and hourly limits on the number of transactions allowed to process through your account
  • Transaction: Automatically identifies suspicious transactions using criteria learned of years of experience, while validating customer card information with the card issuer
  • IP: Isolate suspicious activity from specific IP addresses, regions, or known fraudsters
  • Shipping: Verify shipping addresses and compare the shipping address provided with an order to the IP address of where the order originated

Take back control

AFDS gives you the control to manage your payments your way. You get to decide what happens when a filter is triggered.

Process as normal and report filter(s) triggered

When this action is selected, transactions that trigger this filter are processed as normal, but are also reported in the Merchant Interface as triggering this filter. This action is useful if you want to “test” your filter settings.

Authorize and hold for review

When this action is selected, transactions that trigger this filter are sent for authorization, and upon successful authorization are placed in the Authorized/Pending Review state. Once in Authorized/Pending Review, you will have 30 days to manually review and either approve or void the transaction. If no action is taken in the 30-day period, the transaction will expire. This action is useful if you want to review authorized transactions prior to submitting for settlement.

Do not authorize but hold for review

When this action is selected, transactions that trigger this filter are placed in the Pending Review state prior to being sent for authorization. Once in Pending Review, you will have five days to manually review and either approve or decline the transaction. Once you approve the transaction, it is sent for authorization. If no action is taken in the five-day period, the transaction will expire. This action is useful if you want to review transactions prior to authorization to avoid incurring any associated authorization fees.

Decline the transaction

When this action is selected, transactions that trigger the filter will be declined automatically prior to authorization. This is the most severe action you can take for a transaction.


1Research Report: Why fraud prevention is a strategic investment for businesses of all sizes, Emailage, © 2019
These statistical percentages were derived from a survey of 1,000 people in leadership roles in small to midsized businesses across the United States and Canada to learn about their attitudes towards fraud prevention.

2Jupiter Research, Online Payment Fraud: Emerging Threats, Segment Analysis & Market Forecasts 2018-2023.

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