We know your business is more than just how you make a living. 

It’s your passion turned pro.

Authorize.net helps makes it simple to accept electronic and credit card payments in person, online or over the phone. Get solutions that go to work for your business and let you focus on what you love best.

More than 445,000 merchants. That's a lot of passion.

We’ve been working with merchants and small businesses since 1996. As a leading payment gateway, Authorize.net is trusted by more than 430,000 merchants, handling more than 1 billion transactions and $149 billion in payments every year.

Finally, something simple about running a business. 

Payment processing can be a big part of your business, but it doesn’t have to be a big part of your time. We help make it simple, a low-stress part of doing business, with easy ways to streamline payments processing and that can help optimize your cash flow.

Since 1996, Authorize.net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, managing the submission of billions of transactions to processing networks on behalf of merchant customers. Authorize.net is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa (NYSE: V). Authorize.net services are sold through a network of reseller partners including Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Merchant Service Providers (MSPs) and financial institutions that offer Authorize.net payment services to their merchant customers.

Questions? Speak to a human. Call 1-888-323-4289.


TSG Payment Gateway Awards:  2020 Highest Authorization Rate Award

GEM tracks the percentage of authorization failures a gateway experiences each day that are unrelated to the issuer, network, or cardholder. Authorize.net received this award for having the highest rate of successful authorizations.

Confirmit Ace Awards 2019: Achievement in Customer Excellence

We offer free support with real people, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our support team has proudly earned the prestigious Ace Award for 12 consecutive years.

TSG Payment Gateway Awards: 2019 API Integration Award

Authorize.net won TSG's 2018 Payment Gateway Award for API integration.