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Small businesses are facing unique challenges in the face of COVID-19 regulations and social distancing constraints. We understand the strain this is placing on you and your business. 

This is new territory for all of us, but we’re here to support you. 

Many physical stores are seeing lower foot traffic or closing temporarily. You may be looking to adapt your business model to serve your customers in new ways such as online sales, digital invoicing and more.  We’re here to help–with tools that are included at no additional charge to your account.

Below are some features that can help you start serving customers now—whether you have an eCommerce website or not.

Tips and reminders in these challenging times

Here are more tips and reminders that may help grow—and protect—your business during this time.

Need a partner?

Are you seeking a developer, tech solution or eCommerce platform? Our partners can help you get up and running.

Need help or support?

You can learn more about these products and services by visiting our Support Center or simply give us a call (877-447-3938). We’re here to help and we’re open 24x7.