Flexible Options to Start Accepting Payments Right Away

Are you struggling to serve your customers in this new environment? Looking for ways to improve cash flow and quickly get set up to accept payments? We can help you accept card payments online—with or without an eCommerce website.

Virtual Terminal: Accept card payments without an eCommerce site or card reader

One of the fastest ways to start accepting card payments is through the Virtual Terminal. No eCommerce website is required, and the service is included at no additional cost to your account.

Accessible through the Merchant Interface, Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that  allows you to enter payment information manually for phone orders—without requiring a card reader or other expensive hardware. The transaction takes place through Authorize.Net’s gateway, a secure online payment processor.

Mobile credit card readers (Authorize.Net Mobile POS)

As businesses begin to open back up, Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) is a payment acceptance service that you can use to accept payments quickly with ease.

The mPOS service enables you to accept and manage card payments securely from an Android or Apple device. Think of mPOS as a portable, virtual cash register that lets you accept payments from virtually anywhere. mPOS also provides the option to manually key in payment information to process transactions with no physical contact—perfect for curbside pickups.

To help you get back, POS Portal is offering a discount on card readers to help you accept payments today.

Customer Information Manager (CIM)

Store customer information on hosted servers and safely replace sensitive payment data with unique tokens using Customer Information Manager. You can save billing, payment and shipping information for future orders. And you can manage customer profiles directly from your merchant interface.

Digital Invoicing

Your cash flow in these uncertain times is vital, and our digital Invoicing tool can help you get paid faster. Authorize.Net accounts include, at no additional charge, our simple, Digital Invoicing option. With this tool, you can create and send email invoices to customers with an email address, allowing them to easily pay from their enabled computer or mobile device. The Digital Invoicing feature works great for quickly accepting payments from customers, with the average invoice paid within 48 hours1.

Digital Invoicing also provides a convenient way to accept payments from customers who traditionally pay face-to-face. With social distancing in effect, it’s worth considering how Digital Invoicing can help your customers.


ECHECK.NET®, electronic checks acceptance, is another great way to help you get paid faster. An echeck* is a form of payment where the payment (money) is electronically moved from the customer’s checking account to your business’ checking account. Check out our ECHECK.NET®, solution to learn more.

*Using eCheck incurs a separate charge.

Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS)

With the increase in online orders, many businesses could see an increase in fraudulent payment attempts. It's important to get in front of fraudsters, and Authorize.Net has tools in place to help.

With Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, you can identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions. With AFDS, businesses can evaluate transactions for fraud with 12 different filters, restrict activity from specific IP addresses, reduce chargebacks, and reduce phishing & card testing attacks.


Need to build or improve your website fast?

With social distancing, and little or no in-store traffic, you need a safe, simple and secure way to accept payments. The Authorize.Net partner directory can help you get up and running with an eCommerce website quickly—whether you have an existing website or need to build one from the ground up.

Website + eCommerce Acceptance

An eCommerce platform is a software application that allows online businesses to manage sales and operations. Some platforms offer storefront websites, other integrate with your existing site.

Top Technology Partners

Start accepting payments for your business with the help of these featured Authorize.Net technology partners.

Need Help From a Developer?

A web developer can help guide you through choosing technology solutions, establish the necessary connections to Authorize.Net and optimize for both desktop and mobile shopping.

1Based on Authorize.Net production payment data from August 1, 2017 to June 10, 2018; a total of 110,000 invoices emailed resulted in 74 percent of invoices paid in two days or less.