Sell Authorize.Net Services

I am a Merchant Account Provider

Merchant account providers choose our Reseller Program to sell the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway as a complement to their own merchant account offering. We can help you maximize revenue and build your merchant portfolio through our competitive buy-rate program.


Reseller Program

I DO NOT Provide Merchant Accounts

Developers and technology companies can join our Affiliate Reseller Program, which allows you to refer customers to Authorize.Net for commissions of up to 30% plus a share of transaction volume. Authorize.Net will set up your merchant customers with both a merchant account and payment gateway.


       Affiliate Reseller Program

Certify Your Solution

Program Overview

Certify your solution and expand your business opportunities through our partner program.

Promote your certified solution to thousands of potential clients through our online partner directories.

Integrate payments easily into your solution. Check out our API guides, sample code and more at our developer site.


Apply to certify your solution.

Provide product details and description for your directory listing.

Add Solution ID using the Solution ID Integration Guide

Begin using your Solution ID in production.


Become a Certified Developer

Program Overview


Every month, we refer thousands of new merchants to Authorize.Net Certified Developers for their payment integration needs.

Generate new leads and promote your services in our online Developer Directory.

Grow your business and add credibility by displaying our Certified Developer logo on your website.



Apply for a free developer sandbox account.

Provide a client reference for an active Authorize.Net merchant integration.