Customizable Security Settings That Fight Fraud

Our Advanced Fraud Detection Suite includes 13 configurable fraud filters designed to help you identify, manage and prevent costly fraudulent transactions.

Filters to Help Fight Fraud

With this value-added service, you’ll receive 13 configurable fraud filters designed specifically to identify, manage and prevent costly fraudulent transactions. Questions? Call us at 1-888-323-4289.

Your included fraud prevention filters include:

Limit the number of transactions allowed per day or per hour to identify high-volume fraud.

Block activity based on IP Address, IP region or address, IP transaction velocity, and designate specific server IP addresses that are authorized to submit transactions.

Validate credit card information before processing, set thresholds based on amounts, or flag suspicious activity based on our proprietary criteria.

Identify shipping-billing mismatches, use Shipping Address Verification, and Enhanced AVS Handling to flag suspicious transactions.

"We use Authorize.Net's advanced fraud detection suite to instantly verify our customers' credit card information to help prevent fraud and ensure security."

-Matthew Berger, California Party Bus, Authorize.Net Customer


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