AnywhereCommerce C2X EMV Chip Reader

Thanks for purchasing your Anywhere Commerce C2X EMV chip reader.


IMPORTANT: EMV chip transactions with Authorize.Net are only available on supported processors. Before using the reader, make sure to check your processor is currently supported.  

emv Box.jpg

Setting Up Your Reader

Charge your reader.

  • It will take two hours to fully charge the reader.
  • Once the reader is fully charged, the LED indicator light on the side will turn green.


If you are not using the Authorize.Net mPOS Mobile Application, your reader is now ready for use with your custom payment application.


Setting Up the mPOS Mobile Application

  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the app in Google Play or the iOS App Store.
  • Log into the app using your Merchant Interface Login ID and Password.
mpos login.png

Enable the EMV reader option in Settings

  • Tap the Menu button.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Turn on the EMV Reader? setting.
Settings Screenshot.png

Plug the Reader into Your Device

Ensure the following:

  • The device’s volume is turned up all the way.
  • Mute is not enabled. 
  • The app has access to the device’s microphone. 

Add an Item to Your Cart and Check Out

  • Your device should recognize that the reader is plugged in and ask you to Swipe/Insert a Card. 
EMV Swipe screen.png