EVO Platinum Services Group

Authorize.Net resellers can answer your payment service questions, provide quotes and set you up with an integrated merchant account and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account.

Contact EVO Platinum Services Group: 800-286-8143 or Email

Every day, over 160,000 businesses trust EVO with their credit card processing. And for good reason, they are the nation’s fifth largest non-bankcard acquirer and a VISA Certified CISP Compliant provider. In addition, they have over 20 years experience and are the first American Independent Sales Organization to enter the Canadian market.

When you partner with an industry leader like EVO for your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and Internet merchant account you’ll experience:

  • A relationship supported by over 800 employees.
  • Full disclosure of all rates and fees before you sign up.
  • No hidden fees, teaser rates or undisclosed fees. You pay what they promised.
  • No account closure, cancellation or termination penalties.
  • An easy eight minute application with same day/next day account approvals.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable install specialists to assist with your Authorize.Net/Internet merchant account setup.
  • Add-on services such as online check acceptance, recurring billing and more.
  • Enhanced online reporting to manage and reconcile your account.
  • “In-house” full service support available 24/7/365.

Getting Started with EVO is Easier Than You Think

  • A simple eight minute application will establish your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and Internet merchant account.
  • The best part, when you sign up for your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and Internet merchant account through EVO you’ll benefit from deeply discounted rates and fees on your processing and gateway related services.