Visa Checkout

As an Authorize.Net merchant, you can accept Visa Checkout on your site using your payment gateway account, providing your customers with an additional payment option.


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Features & Benefits

Visa Checkout allows customers to complete their purchases with a single login, rather than re-entering their full credit card number, billing and shipping information for each transaction.

Additionally, with Visa Checkout, your customers never have to leave your website or mobile app, providing a truly seamless buying experience.


Easy Setup

Just log into the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface and follow the instructions in the Digital Payment Solutions section.


Unified Reporting

Visa Checkout is seamlessly integrated with Authorize.Net,
allowing you to see your Visa Checkout transactions in the
Merchant Interface.

Speedy Checkout

Your buyers can speed through checkout using their Visa Checkout login and the payment and shipping information already stored in their accounts, saving them time and potentially reducing your shopping cart abandonment.

Simple Integration

For information on integrating Visa Checkout, please see our Developer Center.