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Imonggo, Inc.

Imonggo Inc, is a private joint-venture company with headquarters in the U.S. and research and development in the Philippines. Its data center is located in Missouri, backup facility in Dallas, Texas. Imonggo.com is the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to offer free Web-based point-of-sales software to the global market. Imonggo.com also offers a premium subscription that includes more features and support for multi-branch retail operations.

Ada mPOS

Ada mPOS is a comprehensive retail point-of-sale solution that offers the following features: inventory management, customer management, offer management, loyalty program management, and payments. Details: www.idmission.com


Shopio is a next generation e-commerce platform that enables small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to promote and sell their products online at affordable prices without any technical knowledge. Shopio is developed and run by IdeaSoft, a leading e-commerce provider that powers more than 10,000 online stores with nearly a decade of experience. We are proud to share our e-commerce experience with entrepreneurs.

Volusion Ecommerce

Volusion is a leading shopping cart software solution for online businesses. Over the last 10 years, thousands of companies have used Volusion to succeed online, including market leaders such as Disney, Motorola, Chicago Tribune, Michigan State University and Crutchfield. Volusion is the only e-commerce provider to offer free, 24x7x365 Out of this World Support™ to merchants.

Bill & Pay

Bill & Pay is a complete invoicing and payment solution that is fully integrated with QuickBooks. Accept credit cards or ACH payments using any merchant account. Your customers can make payments and view history in a "branded as your business" payment portal. Setup recurring payments, payment plans, payment reminders, and past due notices.


Putler is a reporting and sales analytics app that offers superb time savings and a sense of control. It's like X-ray vision for your business, giving instant, jaw-dropping insights you can use to grow profits. It integrates with all payment gateways and shopping carts and aggregates your orders and transactions in one place. Putler has a ton of features you'll love: analysis, refunds, export, speed, multi-account, multi-currency, offline use and much more.

Flow Reservation Online Reservations

Flow Reservations is an affordable Internet application for outfitters and tour companies. With Flow Reservations your website becomes a powerful trip-selling tool, by applying a robust online reservation system and Web content manager onto your new dynamic site. Integrated with Authorize.Net payment options AIM and CIM connections for payment processing internal deposits and recurring billing.


OwnerRez is an online booking service for vacation rentals that helps owners save time, create quotes and bookings faster, look professional and keep detailed records without needing an accountant. The booking services will save you time, increase your revenue and provide you with useful support while being fun and easy to use. OwnerRez was built by vacation rental owners who have walked a mile in your shoes. Sign up for a free account today.

Monsoon Commerce

Monsoon OMS streamlines order and inventory management across all channels, helping you expand your business profitably. Monsoon OMS can help you streamline operations, grow sales, and increase profits. Its solutions offer retailers automated and streamlined inventory, order, purchasing, fulfillment, shipping and customer management.


CreditLink/4000 credit card processing software runs natively on the IBM iSeries (AS/400). With CreditLink/4000, you can easily add credit card processing to your existing software with just a few software changes, or use CreditLink/4000 as a standalone package. CreditLink/4000 takes care of all the communications for credit card authorization and settlement. Response times in seconds. Handles multiple merchant numbers.


Linked2pay is an online service that simplifies credit card and ACH (e-check) payments. Leverage online forms, virtual terminals, email requests and your smartphone or tablet to accept payments from your customers wherever they may be: paying online, using their mobile phone, by calling or paying face-to-face. Web services offer easy integration to connect payments with existing accounting, reporting or enterprise solutions.

Monsoon Commerce

Monsoon OMS streamlines order and inventory management across all channels, helping you expand your business profitably.

Credit Card Terminal for Android

Credit Card Terminal gives you simple, fast, and affordable credit card processing on your Google Android phone. Process credit cards anywhere. Works with most Android phones, including the Droid, Nexus One, and many HTC phones.


FoodStorm is Web-based software for the foodservice industry. FoodStorm manages your food orders from placement to delivery and comes in four editions: production, for food manufacturing; distribution, for distributors, franchises and wholesale; catering, for corporate caterers & event management; care, for aged care facilities and nursing homes. FoodStorm includes an online shopping cart, allowing customers to place food orders and pay using Authorize.Net.

Xero: Beautiful Accounting Software

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cash flow. It's small business accounting software that's simple, smart and occasionally magical.

Clock PMS

Clock PMS is a powerful cloud hotel software. By integrating with Authorize.Net, Clock PMS provides secure payment of guarantee deposits and gift vouchers from its Web booking engine and guest self-service portal, acceptance of deposits for telephone reservations, payment of outstanding balance and self-checkout via guests' mobile devices.

MaxGiving Event Fundraising

MaxGiving is a complete one-stop solution for nonprofit fundraising. Fundraising event management software, silent auction management, live auction management, online auctions, tax receipting, management of bidders, items, sponsors, and event registrations through event websites, event checkout express, and credit card processing all integrated into one platform.


Integrate the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway into Intuit's QuickBooks Accounting Software: QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise as well as QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Ada MPos

Ada mPOS is a comprehensive retail point-of-sale solution that offers the following features: inventory management, customer management, offer management, loyalty program management, and payments.


Drachma is a powerful fundraising tool available for political and non-profit groups. Its flexible API fits any fundraising scenario from Web pages to native mobile apps, allowing you to process credit, debit, ACH/eCheck and recurring donations. The tool is FEC compliant and supports SMS fundraising. It's just one building block of the revolutionary Activist Manager suite. Drachma is perfect if you want to enter the online fundraising space without the cost and risk of developing your own tool set

MageMart Authorize.net CIM Module for Magento

The Authorize.Net CIM extension is a custom e-commerce payment solution to allow for stored billing data on Authorize.Net servers rather than the Magento platform, enabling faster checkout and repeat orders easier for customers and merchants. Customers or administrators can easily manage their card data to add, edit or remove cards. The module includes support for expired card notification reminding users to update their card information before they expire. Works with Magento Community, Enterprise and Magento Go platform.


ThunderTix is built to make the most of available staff. From print-at-home tickets, to customer data, sales in Facebook and bulk Groupon creation. Every facet of our online ticketing software is built to make your job easier and focus on what you do best: creating great entertainment.

ChargeOver Subscription Billing

ChargeOver is a Web app that manages subscription and recurring billing for your business. Hosted payment pages, signup forms, and the REST API offer flexible channels to automate the user signup process. ChargeOver will take care of updating credit cards with your customers and let them know if payments are late.


Create order forms and get paid through Authorize.Net as easy as 1-2-3! Since 2008, 123ContactForm has helped thousands of businesses with an easy way to receive payments through intuitive forms that are simple to fill in. 123ContactForm also helps you place the payment form wherever you need: embedded within your website or online shop, send through email or even shared on social media. You have a full report of form data which you can customize to drill into the insights that interest you.

Portline eCommerce Packages

Portline offers three e-commerce packages: retail, wholesale and sales agent. The packages contain everything you need to sell products, services or digital downloads. Create your own design and manage your store in the back-end portal. Integrated shipping, order fulfillment and payment processing are included, just plug in the credentials. Use the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway APIs: AIM, CIM or SIM.


eCart 4 simplifies custom online creation like never before. The new Checkout Wizard generates all the pages you'll need for the checkout process—from custom data entry to order receipt. Expanded payment gateways and real-time shipping quote support brings eCart power to more Web professionals and small businesses around the world. Experience the grace, beauty and power of eCart 4 today. eCart is available by purchase or low-cost subscription.

Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs helps retailers manage their inventory across multiple sales channels. Using Stitch, merchants can process orders and accept direct payments from their customers by processing credit cards using Authorize.Net. Stitch integrates with many selling channels such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and allows for offline orders as well. It also provides insightful reports that enable merchants to see which channels and products are performing best.


InOrder was developed to be a practical, cost-effective solution to help you manage your channel growth without grinding your operations to a halt. Its off-the-shelf functionality allows you to immediately deploy only the features and functionality you need today, while providing an expansion path that will support any level of future growth. So go ahead, celebrate your success! We're with you every step of the way. InOrder Offers: Real-time Ecommerce, Order Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Commissions, Accounting AP/AR/PO/GL, Subscriptions&Continuity, Multi-Divisions, List Management, Marketing and more.

Independent Floral Solutions

Computer Solutions has been providing customized application solutions for over 20 years and is pleased to be able to integrate Authorize.Net credit card payment processing into its point-of-sale (POS) and mail order products for the benefit of its clients in the floral and garden center industries.


smartofficeCloud is a cloud-based subscription billing and recurring revenue management solution with a built-in, well-integrated CRM and accounting/bookkeeping functionality. Its financial dashboard helps you manage the vital signs of your business. smartofficeCloud also features automated email invoices, hosted credit card payment pages, free trials and discount coupons, sales lead management and invoice generation from quotes, appointment calendar and printing of financial reports.

Internet Commerce Engine 5

Ice5 commerce runs your Internet store like a POS system, using an automated workflow process through all five stages of the sales lifecycle. It's focus is on increased order accuracy, improved customer experience, maintaining effective control, reduced shipping and labor costs, increased checkout retention and fraud prevention. Try the risk-free 30-day trial version before you buy. Discounts available.

GibCode, Inc.

Let your customers purchase your products or services by scanning unique barcodes (GibCodes) from your receipts, flyers, postcards, banners, car magnetics, TV commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, and more. Your GibCodes will be programmed to point to your Authorize.Net account for payment processing. GibCodes is PCI DSS compliant so you don't need to be. No need to upgrade your POS terminals for near field communication. Just place a GibCode on your receipts and allow your customers to scan and pay.

CryptoIVR Payments

Datatel delivers interactive telephone payments on the cloud, removing the collection and transmission of customer credit card information from live agents or in-house, self-service IVRs. Your customers can pay bills, fees, and contributions over the telephone 24/7 in a secure environment.


InstanteStore is a complete solution that comes with store builder, shopping cart, payment integration and powerful marketing tools that will help you sell more. Check out the free trial to learn more.


Designed to bridge the gap between Authorize.Net™ and your QuickBooks™ company file, QBEzPay allows you to process credit cards and echecks directly into QuickBooks™ while taking advantage of all the Authorize.Net features— CIM, ARB and eCheck.Net®. Download your free 30 day trial.

I-Bill IT

Programmatically access the Authorize.Net API. I-Bill IT is a component for processing single-billing (AIM) and recurring-billing (ARB) payments. I-Bill IT works through .NET managed code (C#, Visual Basic.Net, etc.), COM (VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, etc.), and native code (C, C++, Visual Basic 6, etc.). It includes extra functions to make it easier to build your own shopping cart, and comes with step-by-step implementation instructions, full reference documentation, and sample code.

KioWare Kiosk Software

KioWare secures Windows and Android devices for public access and self-service use. By locking down your operating system and restricting browser access to only the website or application permitted, KioWare protects the tablet or computer, user data and the network from unauthorized access. Protect point-of-sale transactions with KioWare's external device support for Magstripe readers and barcode readers.

Credit Card Terminal for iPhone and iPad

Credit Card Terminal lets you charge credit cards on your iPhone or iPad with your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. Deal with declined cards on-site as services are rendered. Optional card swipe reader accessory for iPhone and iPod touch makes charges even easier.


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