Account Updater

Account Updater automatically updates consumers’ card-on-file information once a month, helping to keep payment information current so you keep getting paid. It provides an easy way to help avoid lost sales and payment declines and interruptions.

Additional Service: $0.25 per card update

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Features & Benefits

While card-on-file solutions can reduce customer friction, updating those cards when they expire or are re-issued can have the opposite effect and lead to lost sales or customers. Here are a few ways you and your customers win with Account Updater:

Increase Authorization Approvals

Automatic, monthly cardholder updates mean more authorization approvals on your Customer Information Manager (CIM) profiles and your Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) subscriptions, helping to avoid declines and unnecessary payment interruptions.

Increase Sales & Retain Customers

Reduce customer friction and the chances of cancellations or non-payment that's associated with manual updates and payment disruptions. 

Reduce Your Administrative Costs

Reduces the costs associated with individually contacting customers to obtain their updated information. Your time is better spent focusing on building your business, rather than manually updating each customer's data.

No Update No Charge

You only pay per update. On average, 20-35% of cards update in the first month using Account Updater, with only 7-8% each month after. But in the long run, at only $0.25 per update, your savings should far outweigh the costs.

How it Works

Account Updater works together with our card-on-file services — Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) and Customer Information Manager (CIM) — to automate the payment update processes of subscription-based business models.

Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is exactly what the name implies: a solution for automatically processing recurring or subscription-based payments. ARB is best used when your customers’ recurring transactions will be billed on the same date and for the same amount each occurrence.


Cardholder Data Management

Use Customer Information Manager to store customers’ sensitive payment information on our secure servers for use in future transactions. It is designed to reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance, while simplifying return purchases or recurring payments that vary in amounts or dates billed.