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Miva is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that delivers custom-built solutions for enterprise and small business. Since 1997, Miva has powered more than 100 billion dollars in online sales. Today, Miva is an e-commerce industry leader, offering leading edge tools for site UI/UX, sophisticated inventory management and display, real-time visibility across channels, and tight integration with essential backend systems such as ERP.
Miva's innovative engines for personalization of content, pricing, and fulfillment prime clients to take full advantage of developing trends in the global online economy. The cloud-hosted software offers a safe and secure means for businesses of all sizes to scale up sustainably. A pioneer in online payments, Miva now offers MivaPay, a groundbreaking tool for managing all aspects of customer payments across major payment gateways. In-house development and design teams help Miva customers successfully leverage all of these tools to powerfully drive sales.




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