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The Business

Since 1997, Brad Lynnet, owner of PrescriptionRx, has been researching online prescription companies to help his customers find the best bargains, while avoiding fraudulent sites. PrescriptionRx does not ship or sell any medications on its Web site. Instead, the company acts as a consumer advocacy group, aggregating information about online pharmacies and selling that information via a subscription model to its customers. PrescriptionRx customers are primarily the uninsured, underinsured, or people in remote locations where local health care facilities are not readily available.


The Challenge

Because PrescriptionRx sells information instead of physical goods, Lynnet had to convince potential customers that his company was a legitimate source for online prescription advice. Lynnet knew that any concerns a potential customer had about PrescriptionRx could easily create a significant barrier to closing a sale. "Many potential customers have a natural fear of making purchases on the Internet", stated Lynnet. "This fear was magnified for us because of our non-traditional business model. We needed to find a way to create consumer confidence so that we could remove any barriers that were preventing potential customers from signing up for a membership."


The Solution

An Authorize.Net merchant since August 2003, Lynnet immediately recognized that the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal was a simple way for PrescriptionRx to increase its Web site's credibility and encourage new customers to sign up for the service. "Implementing the Verified Merchant Seal was as easy as Authorize.Net claimed," stated Lynnet. "I logged into the Merchant Interface and simply copied and pasted the HTML code to the places on the PrescriptionRx site where I wanted to display the seal. Within a couple of minutes, I was done and the seal looked great. The Verified Merchant Seal creates immediate consumer confidence and legitimacy and that's only enhanced when someone visits the site and clicks on the seal, which generates a pop-up window confirming that we are an active Authorize.Net merchant."


The Results

Since PrescriptionRx added the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal, new customer signups have increased by 5%. "There's simply no doubt that the Verified Merchant Seal had an immediate and positive impact upon my business," concluded Lynnet. "This is a great service that Authorize.Net provides and the fact that it's free makes it even better."