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The Business

In 2002, Paul Rajewski founded Showcase Business Centers—a provider of pay-per-use business service centers to premier hotels. These centers provide basic office services, including Internet access and photocopying, to hotel guests; and collect payment via a self-serve credit card terminal.

"At the time, I was a venture capitalist," recalls Rajewski, "and I was working with a hotel. They eventually asked if I could build an on-site business center for them. It was up to me to develop a solution that would provide guests with Internet access and copy/fax services during their stay."


The Challenge

In order to process charges incurred by hotel guests using the business center, or Internet kiosk, Showcase Business Centers needed to find a self-serve payment software solution that would provide a user-friendly interface, while processing transactions quickly and securely.

Through a business contact, Rajewski identified Kiosk Logix, a provider of customizable software for self service terminals. Kiosk Logix enabled Showcase to provide Internet access via their hotel business centers—but
Showcase still needed a way to process transactions.

"We needed a partner that could support our volume and process transactions efficiently," says Rajewski. "Based on previous business experience, I encouraged Kiosk Logix to partner with Authorize.Net. The Authorize.Net service is reliable. My cash flow comes in when it's supposed to, and Authorize.Net's level of professionalism and technical support is excellent."


The Solution

In 2004, Kiosk Logix integrated to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, allowing Showcase to process IP based Card Present (CP) transactions via their self service kiosks. And, because transactions are swiped, Showcase further benefits from lower CP interchange rates.

Showcase also integrated their self service copiers directly to Authorize.Net. As far as the integration, Rajewski notes, "the documentation was excellent and the people were responsive. It was easy to do."


The Results

Rajewski's original hotel business center solution soon expanded to include many other hotels, including national chains and management companies. Today, Showcase Business Centers operates 250 automated business centers nationwide. "Hotel visitors can rely on our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week," says Rajewski.

Kiosk Logix and Authorize.Net have allowed Showcase Business Centers to process kiosk and other CP transactions reliably, helping Showcase grow its original hotel business— and consider new operations.

"We've looked at other opportunities for the future," Rajewski reports, "including copiers in libraries and drug stores."

For their payment processing, Showcase will continue to rely on Authorize.Net. "We will be connecting exclusively to Authorize.Net," reports Rajewski, "and as we sell our box and set up resellers, there will be even more transactions. I'm glad Authorize.Net and Kiosk Logix joined forces; it's been great for us."