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The Business

Space Walk & Inflatable Zoo was founded in 1962 when John Scurlock, an engineering professor, stumbled upon the idea of inflatable amusement products. Scurlock was working on a project with his students, trying to create an inflatable dome to protect his tennis court from heavy rain storms. While working on the project, the students kept jumping around on the inflatable dome, pretending to walk on the moon. When Scurlock became frustrated with his students' lack of focus, his wife, Frances, pointed out how much fun they were having. Scurlock soon realized that inflatables would be great for people of all ages and parties of all kinds.

Today, Space Walk operates five divisions out of a 43,000 square foot corporate office and manufacturing facility—employing 20 full-time and 35 part-time workers, and creating a huge variety of inflatables to fit any party size and theme.


The Challenge

Space Walk has over 200 franchise locations across the United States. Each location is responsible for forwarding their customers' signed rental agreements and payments to the home office. "Before implementing eCheck.Net, all of our Space Walk locations physically mailed the contract and payment to the corporate office," said Robert Taylor, Space Walk's IT Coordinator. "This processes took an average of 21 days, which was entirely too long. After collecting payment for the rentals, commission settlements took another five days to complete, which meant our franchisees were waiting nearly a month before they received their commissions. We needed to implement a solution that allowed us to process payments immediately."


The Solution

Space Walk spent a great deal of time looking for a secure and reliable electronic check service to automate their payment and commission process. After researching several solutions, they selected Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net service. "We were focused on finding a solution that met several key criteria," stated Taylor. "First, it needed to be secure and reliable. Second, it had to be easily customizable. And finally, it needed to be quick and easy to implement. After looking at several solutions, it was clear that eCheck.Net was the best product out there that met all our specific criteria."


The Results

"Just as we expected, implementing and customizing eCheck.Net was very straightforward. As soon as we were live, we started seeing immediate benefits, particularly with our overall check processing time, which was reduced from 21 days down to three," reports Taylor. "By cutting 18 days off our accounts receivable process, we've enhanced our cash flow and the process itself. In addition, our franchisees are receiving their commissions in record time, which is a tremendous benefit for them as well. Selecting eCheck.Net was absolutely the right decision for our business."