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The Business

Since 1988, advertising and design agency Gnasher Design has served a wide variety of businesses. While working with a local printing company, Gnasher realized that many small printing businesses could benefit from the promotional solutions it was creating.

The result was the formation of a Gnasher Design subsidiary—PressReady Marketing, which provides small printing businesses with a reliable and affordable way to advertise regularly. With subscription-based offerings, such as customizable postcards, flyers and newsletters, PressReady Marketing helps printing companies appeal to existing customers while attracting new ones.


The Challenge

PressReady Marketing knew there was a market for their subscription-based product, but they could not sell it without a recurring billing system—the administration would be too time consuming. They needed a billing solution that was automated and would save both time and money, minimizing the resources spent collecting and tracking payments.

When reviewing recurring payment processing options, PressReady Marketing gathered as much information as possible. Owner Colin Dodgson explains, "We wanted to make sure the choice fit all of our criteria: it had to be affordable, easy to implement, effective, simple to use and scalable."


The Solution

Working through an independent sales organization (ISO), PressReady Marketing identified Authorize.Net, and the Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) product."

In reviewing the Authorize.Net product, its features and capabilities—the package just made sense," Dodgson adds.

In April of 2004, PressReady Marketing began using ARB to process recurring payments. "It was extremely easy to implement," says Dodgson, "we continue to enter customers through the [Merchant Interface] as we go."

And the benefits? Both time and money savings. "We don't have to do a lot of work, like track down payments month to month. ARB absolutely saves both time and money. We don't need a specific person to take responsibility for collections."


The Results

Automated Recurring Billing has successfully allowed PressReady Marketing to offer subscription-based advertising products to their clientele. "Prior to implementing ARB, recurring billing was something we simply didn't do," Dodgson says. "We didn't run this part of the business until we had access to ARB; it would have been impossible. ARB's role is pivotal."

And, with the time and money savings ARB provides, PressReady Marketing can focus on its core business: creating exciting advertising for its customers.