As an entrepreneur or business owner, running your business and keeping everything on track is a complex and time-consuming task, and maintaining motivation is not always easy. You probably get so caught up in work that you forget to give yourself time to sit back and relax, but that path is not healthy for you or your business if you want to enjoy the best possible results.

Finding "me time" is vital if you don't want to burn yourself out or lose the passion you had when you first got started. Here are some tips to keep your work-life balance.

Learn to Relax

Many entrepreneurs spend most of their time at work because they are afraid that their businesses will fail if they don't. These people often stay in the office from the time the sun rises in the morning to when it sets at night, losing touch with their friends and family, and giving up other passions and hobbies in the process. Many people also see it as a competition, thinking those who sleep the least at night are the most brilliant and committed, and will therefore be more successful.  Take an honest look at yourself and discover if these are some of the reasons you stay at the office longer than you should, and you will get a clear picture of the problem you need to address.

Learn to take a few deep breaths and relax. Spending too much time working on your business doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, it will likely do the opposite and increase your odds of making costly mistakes from which recovering won't be easy.

Set Boundaries

If you are like other business owners, you probably have difficulty setting personal and professional boundaries, which leads to many other unforeseen issues. People will often take personal calls while working and answer business calls while they are at home. Although you might think doing so is constructive to your bottom line, it's probably not. This path makes it a lot harder for you to focus while you are at the office, and you won't give your friends and family the attention they need when you are home.

Schedule Downtime

You set meetings for clients and have a scheduled time you are required to be at the office, which keeps your business moving in the right direction. The problem is that you probably don't schedule downtime. It may sound silly, but actually pencil in time on your calendar for rest, relaxation and recreation, and follow through. 

You might think you are hurting your business by taking care of yourself, but getting enough me time lets you go back to work feeling recharged and ready to tackle any challenge you face.

Final Thoughts

There are certainly times that an entrepreneur has to put their nose to the grindstone and work long hours to ensure the success of their business. But while spending every waking hour at the office might seem like the right move, it's not and can cause more harm than success. You will not only become burned out, but you can also lose touch with your family and close friends. Maintaining a work-life balance lets you get the best of both worlds. 

It gives you plenty of time to spend with the people who matter the most, recharge and be productive and work, and create that perfect balance. The bottom line? When you’re at work, be at work, mentally and physically. When you’re at home, be at home, mentally and physically.