Merchants choose to connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway because it provides the infrastructure necessary for the fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net has partnered with 71lbs to help their merchants reduce their shipping costs and better understand their shipping expenses.  

Shipping costs account for a significant amount of revenue. Most companies who ship online spend at least 10% of their revenue on shipping. Many of these shipments are handled by FedEx and UPS whose shipping rates increase every year. In 2018, FedEx and UPS increased their rates by an average of 4.9%. These increases make it difficult for merchants to keep their costs down and continue to satisfy their customers desire for low cost or free shipping.

If your business ships using FedEx or UPS, you may be entitled to refunds on  late shipments - late by even 60 seconds! Each year, more than $2 billion in shipping refunds goes unclaimed. 71lbs works on your behalf to identify late, lost or damaged shipments, then files and fights your claims to make sure you receive your due refunds.  

Kedem, Owner of 47th Diamond District Corp, is an Authorize.Net merchant and 71lbs customer. 47DD was founded in 1985 in the heart of the New York Diamond District. Several years ago, they started making their own jewelry and selling them on their website and other marketplaces.

Kedem finds the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway convenient and easy to use.  It works well for his eBay sales and integrates well with many other credit card processors, which saves him time and money. 71lbs also saves him time and money. He shares, "I wasn't sure it was a real refund.  I had to check it a few times to make sure and it was real!!  71lbs has helped us get $920 in refunds!"

Monitoring for late shipments and filing claims is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. 71lbs’ service helps businesses retrieve their refunds without having to dedicate any resources.

71lbs is focused on reducing your total shipping cost and provides a robust dashboard with in-depth shipping analytics to help you better understand what you spend on shipping with FedEx and UPS.

Key Features of 71lbs services:

  • Save Money: Late delivery refunds, lost or damaged packages
  • Understand Complicated Costs and Fees: Robust dashboard with your shipping data in easy to understand analytics
  • Superior Customer Success Team: Live support to discuss your service claims, answer questions or review your dashboard via phone or online chat

The fee for the service is contingent upon the actual refunds you receive. Once the carrier refunds your cost of the shipment, 71lbs will invoice you for a portion of the refund.

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