Authorize.Net Merchants: As you may be aware, new PCI DSS requirements state that all payment systems must disable early-version TLS by 2018. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a technology used to encrypt sensitive information sent via the Internet. TLS is the replacement for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In preparation for this requirement, Authorize.Net plans to disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 on the following dates:


Production: Feb 28, 2018 

We have disabled the sandbox in advance of production to allow you and your developer time to test your website or payment solution and ensure you are no longer using TLS 1.0 or 1.1 prior to September 18th. Please contact your Web developer or payment solution provider, as well as your Web hosting company, to confirm that they can support TLS 1.2 for your API connections.

In addition, we have retired the 3DES cipher (a data encryption standard) in production on September 18, 2017. 

Please refer your developer or solution provider to our API Best Practices for cipher recommendations, details about TLS 1.2 platform support, and other integration suggestions. 

Note: If you are not using the current version of your Web browser, please take a few moments to upgrade it now. Browsers released prior to 2014 may not support TLS 1.2. You can check your browser's TLS support by visiting