Short for mobile point-of-sale, mPOS allows you to accept credit and debit cards through a wireless device like a smartphone or tablet. If you make sales on the go (think food trucks, pop-up shops, plumbers, etc.) this means you can easily accept card payments from just about anywhere. No more turning away cashless customers or hassling with paper checks. These days even brick-and-mortar stores often opt for mPOS setups because the technology has become so efficient.

How mPOS works and what you should consider

In order to convert your wireless device into an mPOS system, you’ll need to install an mPOS app and get a compatible card reader.

Depending on the model, card readers can connect to your wireless device via the headphone jack or through Bluetooth. When choosing a card reader, consider getting one that’s EMV® chip-enabled for security.

On the app side of things, you’ll want to find an mPOS app that combines ease-of-use with robust payment capabilities.

An app with an intuitive interface will go a long way towards making the payment process smooth for both you and customers. Customization is another key factor. Your business may need to make modifications based on factors such as tax rates and tips. Smaller business may not need all these features at first, but it’s always good to go with a solution that gives you room to grow.

And, of course, as with all payment solutions, security is paramount. Without it, customers’ sensitive payment information is vulnerable to a data breach—an event that can cause serious financial losses and brand damage. Look for a proven mPOS solution that uses encryption to safeguard payment data.

What you can do with Authorize.Net’s mPOS solution

Our mPOS solution simplifies the payment process, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. Here’s a bit more about how it works:

App: With our mPOS app, you can view your transaction history, change settings, perform voids and issue refunds right from your mobile device. Plus, you can tailor the app to set up tax rates, accept tips, gather shipping information, create a SKU catalog and email a receipt. All the functionality is built into the app.

Card readers: Our partner POS Portal offers fast, secure, affordable card readers that operate seamlessly with our mPOS app and are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Right now their BBPOS Chipper™ 2X audio jack card reader is available for only $65. Learn more at POS Portal.

Security: As a PCI-certified provider used by over 430,000 merchants, Authorize.Net offers service you can trust. Our mPOS solution encrypts sensitive payment data the moment the card is read in order to protect customer data at all stages of the payment process.

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