How to let your customers pay anytime, anywhere

February 25, 2020

Four steps to digital payments


Unless you’ve been frozen in a cryopreservation ice chamber for the last twenty years, only to awaken to a strange new world with no VHS tapes and a baby Yoda obsession, you know that online and digital payments are fundamental to how people buy things. Today the question businesses face isn’t if they need to adapt to the age of connected commerce—a time when shoppers expect to make purchases anytime, anywhere, from any device—but rather how.

The challenge can appear particularly daunting for small businesses. A 2019 study performed by PYMNTS and Visa found that only 58 percent of respondents reported making a purchase at a physical store, an 8.4% drop from the previous year. Meanwhile, “…36 percent reported using their computers, 26 percent reported using mobile apps and 9.6 percent reported using a voice-activated device.” That’s a lot of channels to cater to.

If you’re a small business with limited time and resources, the key is to find an all-in-one platform that can take the weight off your shoulders. With only one platform to manage payments become a whole lot simpler. This is where the® platform comes into play.

Robust capabilities

From online to in-store to mobile devices, lets your customers pay when they want, how they want. You can also enable solutions, such as recurring billing, e-check payments, invoicing and more. With multiple ways to take payments, you can grow your transaction volume without doubling up on your growing pains.

Round-the-clock customer service

With 24/7, support from real people, we’re here to help you get the answers you need. Our support team has proudly earned the prestigious Ace Award for 12 consecutive years. We also have an expansive support page with FAQs and community Q&A.

Reliable fraud protection

As payments evolve, so do cybercriminals’ tactics. Fortunately, with® payment gateway, you can embrace the latest payment methods, while still protecting your business from disingenuous orders. Our Advanced Fraud Detection Suite gives you tools to identify, manage and help prevent costly fraudulent transactions across channels.

More bang for your buck

More than 430,000 merchants entrust us to be their payment solution of choice. From bike shops and yoga studios to artists, food trucks and more, we help business owners like you focus on your products, your customers and your growth, without worrying whether your payment solution can keep up.

We offer built-in payment solutions that enable you to grow without getting hit with surprise fees for services that you haven’t selected. Learn about additional service features to add as you scale, such as Automated Recurring Billing and virtual and mobile points of sale.

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