Lawrence Frias, VP and Co-founder of HyCloud Computing, has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years and has had passion for science and technology since childhood. Lawrence and his colleague, Phillip N. Paulos founded HyCloud Computing Inc. in 2014. The company provides hybrid-cloud solutions that enable clients to combine their current investments in technology with modern advancements in the areas of cloud computing, AI and data security.

What inspired you to create a company based on Cloud Computing?

My inspiration to start HyCloud came while I was working as an IT Account Manager and was a shareholder in the same company about 6 years ago. I had many ideas on modernizing that business with focus on the public cloud, however, this did not align with the company’s goals. I decided to start my own business based on the cloud.

HyCloud started in 2014 with 2 founders, a minimal capital investment and a solid business plan for providing hybrid cloud computing services for the small to mid-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Based on my experience in technology, past employment and business ventures, Phillip (our President) and I were able to acquire customers with in our first 3 months of business allowing us to grow quickly through our referral networks. Phillip and I have been friends for over 20 years and have worked together on a number of projects and business ventures. Phillip’s business acumen and my technical abilities provided a solid foundation for what HyCloud was to become. Together with our outstanding controller Virginia Flores who is the force that binds our business and clients together, we are proud to be “born-in-the-cloud”.

What distinguishes HyCloud from the competition?

HyCloud is a model for today’s modern business. We operate 100% in the cloud with no servers or expensive capital infrastructure. Our employees can work from anywhere, anytime on any device. Our phone system, productivity, infrastructure…everything we do is in the cloud. We definitely practice what we preach. All of our cloud services have full enterprise application integration with zero duplication of data across what would otherwise be individual disparate systems. We are a big proponent of “information once” for ourselves and our clients.

For HyCloud, helping people implement cloud based technologies provides them with new and exciting ways to work with teams of people from across the globe. We inspire businesses to achieve more through digital transformation. We do it because we truly believe in helping others to succeed.

What are some of the services you offer your customers?

I myself and our Technical Account Manager, Jose Araujo have a combined 40 years of experience in the IT industry. We are well trained and certified in a wide range of technologies from Apple, Microsoft and Linux based systems, software and solutions. We are experts in traditional on premises, hosted and cloud computing solutions. We offer solutions for Managed Services, Cloud Productivity, Virtualization, Networking, Wireless Networking, Information Security, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service,) Cloud Phone Systems (PBX), Webhosting and Design.

Our solutions are sold direct to businesses. We build our business relationships one at a time, face to face. Our plans for the future include having a Cloud store which would allow visitors to purchase our solutions online as well.

How has having your online presence affected your business?

Accepting online orders was fundamental to the early success of HyCloud. It has allowed us the freedom to build our business while not being bogged down in administration. 80% of our clients pay for our services online. Our clients love the flexibility we offer them in our payment processing options, and how we don’t try to place them into a box. Every business and budget is different. We work with our clients to custom fit our packages to suit their individual needs.

How was does Authorize.Net help your business thrive?

We were referred to Authorize.Net through a long time business associate in the mobile communications industry who was also an Authorize.Net partner.

We quickly realized the security and stability on the Authorize.Net network made payment processing simple and easy to use. The Authorize.Net suite allows us to be efficient in tracking and processing payments in an efficient manner, and minimizes physical data entry. The excellent service and support we receive has made us proud to be affiliated with the entire Visa family.

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