Many businesses are facing unique and difficult challenges in the face of new regulations and physical distancing constraints. We recognize the strain this is placing on many of your merchant customers as physical stores are seeing less foot traffic or closing temporarily.

Many of your merchants are adapting their business models to serve their customers online—a process they may be unfamiliar with. You can assist them by helping them understand the tools that are included, at no additional charge, on the platform.

Features that can help your merchants start accepting payments now—whether they have an eCommerce website or not.

Virtual Terminal: Accept card payments without an eCommerce site or card reader

Many businesses now need a secure way to take card payments over the phone or in person, while maintaining physical distance. Virtual Terminal provides a great way for your merchants to immediately start doing this.

No eCommerce website is required, and the service is included at no additional charge.

Accessible through the Merchant Interface, Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that  allows businesses to enter card information manually for phone orders without requiring a card reader or other expensive hardware. The transaction takes place through’s gateway, a secure online payment processor.

Digital Invoicing

Cash flow in these uncertain times is vital, and our Digital Invoicing feature can help your merchants get paid faster. accounts include, at no additional charge,  our simple, Digital Invoicing feature.  With this tool, your merchants can create their own invoices and email them to their customers. The invoices can easily be completed from computers or mobile devices. The Invoicing feature is a great option for quickly accepting payments, with the average invoice paid within 48 hours1.

Digital Invoicing also provides a convenient way to accept payments from folks who traditionally pay face-to-face. With social distancing in effect, it's worth considering how your merchants can use digital Invoicing to power their businesses.

Mobile credit card readers (mPOS)

With curbside pickups becoming more popular, Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) is an excellent payment acceptance service that your merchants can use to get paid while maintaining physical distance.’s mPOS application enables merchants to accept and manage card payments securely from an Android or Apple device. Merchants can also accept tips and send email receipts. Think of mPOS  as a portable, virtual cash register that let's businesses accept payments from anywhere.

mPOS also provides the option to manually key in payment information. This allows your merchants to process transactions with no physical contact—perfect for curbside pickups. 

Protect from fraud with Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) filters

With the increase in online orders, your merchants could see more fraudulent order attempts. Your merchants should make sure their Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) filters are up to date and configured to help protect their business.

In particular, your merchants should be vigilant of card testing fraud. These attacks occur when a fraudster places a high amount (hundreds or thousands) of zero-dollar or low-amount orders on a company’s site using random or stolen card numbers.

Unfortunately, all these fraudulent transactions leave victims facing staggering authorization processing fees, not to mention serious brand damage and a major tax on their time and resources.

To protect against this, have your merchants make sure to pay special attention to the following filters that can prevent high velocity card testing attacks:

Hourly velocity filter

Limits the total number of transactions received per hour.

Transaction IP velocity filter

Identifies excessive transactions from the same IP address.

Amount filter

Sets an upper dollar amount threshold to restrict high-risk transactions.

Suspicious transaction filter

Reviews highly suspicious transactions using proprietary criteria identified by’s Fraud Management Team. 

Tips and reminders for these challenging times

Here are more tips and reminders that may help your merchants grow—and protect—their business during this time.

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