Earn Commissions for Referrals

Your Unique Referral Landing Page

To earn commissions, you must refer merchants using your unique lading page URL, which has a link to our online application. All merchants who apply for an account using this link will be set up under your Partner ID, ensuring that you receive all associated commissions for each merchant.

Unique Landing Page Example


To determine your unique link, simply replace the “XXXXX” above with your Partner ID. For example, if your Partner ID is “99999,” then your unique link would be:


If you do not know your Partner ID, please contact support at 1.866.682.4131.

Support for the Online Application

If your merchants have questions about the application, they can contact the Authorize.Net team at:

North America
1.877.320.8731 or affiliatesales@authorize.net, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time (closed major holidays).

UK / Europe
+44 (0) 203 564  4843 or uksales@authorize.net,  Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM UK Time (closed on major holidays).


Partner Resources

New Partner Training

New partner training is available online including information about Authorize.Net, our products and services, the referral process, and using the partner interface.


Partner Interface

The Authorize.Net Partner Interface allows you to see a list of your merchants, view and download account reports and statements, edit your account information, and more. To log into the Partner Interface, you must have a valid account user name and password.


Partner Support

For support regarding your Partner account, using the Partner Interface, or other questions, you may contact us at the following:

  • Support Center at http://support.authorize.net/.
  • Chat with a live representative by logging into the Partner Interface and clicking SUPPORT from the main toolbar, then Live Help.
  • Contact us by phone:
    North America: 1.866.682.4131 - Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time (closed major holidays).
    UK/Europe: +44 (0) 203 564 5370 - Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM UK Time (closed major holidays).

Merchant Customer Support

Authorize.Net provides free, award-winning customer support to every merchant who signs up for a payment gateway account.

  • Watch the New Merchant Video Training.
  • Use our free, searchable Support Center.
  • Review our video demos.
  • Review the Merchant Interface Online Help Files, available by logging into the Merchant Interface and clicking Help from the toolbar at the top of any Merchant Interface page.
  • Submit an eTicket to Customer Support by logging into the Merchant Interface and clicking Contact Us from the upper right corner of any page. Then click Create a New eTicket and enter the details of the request.
  • Chat with a live representative by logging into the Merchant Interface and clicking LiveHelp from the toolbar at the top of any Merchant Interface page.
  • Contact us by phone. Representatives are available to answer questions 24x7, closed major holidays:

    North America: 1.877.447.3938 (International callers may need to dial country calling codes first)

    UK/Europe: +44 (0) 203 564 4844