Download to File

The payment gateway allows you to download transaction information to your computer for future reference.

To maintain a complete transaction history, it is recommended that you download your full transaction records every one to three months.


To download transaction records to a file on your computer:


Step 1: Click Download to File. The Select Download File Type window appears.

Step 2: Select a download file type from the drop-down list.

Note: Only characters up to ASCII 128 will be displayed in any download file.

Step 3: Note that the Include Column Headings check box is selected by default. Deselect this check box if you do not want to include column headings in the file.

Step 4: Click Submit to download the file. The Download Request Submitted window appears indicating that your request is processing. This window must remain open until your download is completed and the Download File window appears. Closing the window early will cancel the download.

Step 5: Once your file is generated, the File Download window prompts you to open or save the file. Click Save to save the file to your computer or click Open to open the file immediately.

Note: If you open the file immediately, be sure to save it to the appropriate location on your computer or network when you have finished reviewing it.

Step 6: If you clicked Save, the Save As window appears allowing you to enter or select the location on your computer or network where the file should be saved.

Note: The naming convention for all download files is “DownloadYYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.txt.” For example, a file that is downloaded on April 5, 2006 at 3:41:30 pm would be named Download20060405-154130.txt. You may use this name or enter a new name for the file.

Step 7: Click Save. Your file is automatically saved to the location you selected.

Step 8: A message window appears informing you that your download is complete. Click Close to close the window or click Open to view the file.


For data security, all sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and expiration dates, is masked in the download file.



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