Transaction Filters

The main Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) page allows you to view the current configuration of each filter, and the number of transactions that have triggered the filters in the past 30 days.

Click the links below for detailed information on how to use each AFDS filter.

To view and edit settings for each filter, click on the hyperlinked filter name on the left side of the page. To view the transactions that have triggered a specific filter in the past 30 days, click on the hyperlinked number that appears at the far right of the filter name. (You can also search transactions that have triggered AFDS filters using the Suspicious Transactions Search feature.)

IMPORTANT: AFDS only screens those credit card transactions processed using Advanced Integration Method and Server Integration Method,  and only in accordance with the filters and settings you enable and monitor on an ongoing basis. The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite does not filter eCheck.Net® transactions, transactions submitted manually by means of the Virtual Terminal, Batch Upload, Automated Recurring Billing, or Void or Refund transactions, with the following two exceptions: The Enhanced AVS Handling Filter WILL screen ARB, Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload transactions; and the Enhanced CCV Handling Filter WILL screen Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload transactions.



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