Card Code Verification

The Card Code Verification (CCV) security feature provides an extra measure of security against fraudulent credit card transactions.


The card code is a security code that is printed on a credit card’s signature panel in reverse italics, or following the full card number on the front of the card.




When the card code is required on the payment form or in the Virtual Terminal, customers must provide both the credit card number on the front of the card as well as the card code for a transaction.


The settings on this page indicate to the payment gateway when to accept or decline transactions based on the CCV response from the processor.


To change your card code rejection settings:

Step 1: Click the check box next to each card code verification condition upon which you would like to reject a transaction. You can check more than one condition.

Step 2: Click Submit. A confirmation message indicates that your settings have been successfully applied.

Card Code Responses


Card Code Response Code



Card code value does not match


Card code value not processed


Card code value should be on card but not indicated


Card issuer (not cardholder) is not certified and/or has not provided encryption key

Note: If you are using the Virtual Terminal or the payment gateway hosted payment form and want to use CCV, be sure that you have marked the card code field as viewable and editable in the Virtual Terminal and payment form settings.


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