Authorize.Net Pricing

Payment Gateway 
Setup Fee $99.00 *
Monthly Gateway Fee $20.00 *
Transaction Fee $0.10 *
Batch Fee $0.25 *
Optional Value-Adding Products 
Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS) $9.95/month
Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) $10.00/month
Customer Information Manager (CIM) $20.00/month
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* Suggested retail price only. Actual retail fees vary according to prices set by Authorize.Net resellers, who determine prices based on your business type and transaction volume, as well as other factors such as special promotions. The fee structure above does not include merchant account fees charged by your bank or card association.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Annual Renewal Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees

"I offer multiple payment methods on my site, but 90-95% of my customers choose to use Authorize.Net."

— John T. Unger
Artist and Owner