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Authorize.Net Affiliate Reseller Program

Authorize.Net Affiliate Reseller Program

Discover the benefits of the free, Authorize.Net Affiliate Program, including monthly commissions for merchant referrals.

Button Makers Uses the Verified Merchant Seal

Button Makers Uses the Verified Merchant Seal

Rebecca from Button Makers talks about why they chose to display the Verified Merchant Seal on their Web site.

Fresh Uses Authorize.Net for Retail Payments

Fresh Uses Authorize.Net for Retail Payments

We spoke with the owner of Fresh about why she chose Authorize.Net to accept payments in her boutique.

PrescriptionRx: Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal™

This case study shows how displaying the free Verified Merchant Seal can have a positive impact on revenue for online merchants. The seal provides a quick and easy way to increase shopper confidence, which eliminates a significant barrier to sales.

PatternReview.com: Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) Application Program Interface (API)

The ARB API allows customers to subscribe to services directly through a merchant's custom payment form, shopping cart or other application. This case study shows how the owner of a subscription-based Web site saved time and eliminated the potential of human error by integrating to the ARB API.

Space Walk: eCheck.Net®

Aside from cash, checks are the most popular payment method today, making their acceptance critical for e-commerce and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchants. Learn how an inflatable amusement company implemented Authorize.Net eCheck.Net, our own electronic check product, to simplify its business payments.

Sunflower Wrestling: Fraud Detection Suite™ (FDS)

Protection from online fraud is essential for e-commerce merchants. Learn how an Authorize.Net merchant fought fraud and won using Authorize.Net's Fraud Detection Suite, a powerful set of filters and tools that helps merchants identify and manage suspicious transactions.

PressReady Marketing: Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)

Recurring billing is useful for an increasing number of businesses that need to automate the collection of recurring fees. For this merchant, the ability to process subscription payments led to an entirely new product line. Find out how PressReady Marketing used ARB to process recurring charges affordably and efficiently—and grow their business.

Vinyl Renaissance: Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) Payments

With the simple addition of a credit card reader to an existing PC and wireless network, Vinyl Renaissance began processing virtual point-of-sale (VPOS) payments. Learn how this merchant grew beyond an e-commerce Web site into a new retail storefront, without the costs of adding phone lines.

Showcase Business Centers: Kiosk and Self-Service Payments

Learn how a provider of pay-per-use business service centers for hotel guests provides basic office services, including Internet access and photocopying, while collecting payments via a self-serve credit card terminal that is integrated to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

Thos. Baker: Mobile Payment Solutions

Online furniture retailer Thos. Baker developed a new marketing strategy based on selling their products via temporary retail locations. Read how the company implemented a handheld, mobile payment solution to manage credit card transactions without needing to install a permanent point-of-sale system.